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Summer Of Niche Sites Introduction And Predictions

While The Family On The Move does plan to travel this summer, we are also taking on a new challenge. I decided to challenge the two young ladies with learning how to build up and operate Amazon affiliate sites. Better than just sitting around and playing video games all summer, right?

I have some prebuilt niche sites that I bought earlier this year that we will finish setting up and start promoting. I’m sure that we’ll learn a lot, and hopefully even make a buck or two.

I challenged the kids to predict what they expect to happen in this project. Here’s what they said.


How long until we get moneys: I think about half a month to a full month. it just seems reasonable.

How much moneys we will get: I’m estimating that not many people will buy our stuff, so we get around 100-1000 dollars.

What I think we’ll learn: I think we’ll learn how to make niche sites, of course. Maybe also how to advertise.


How long till money happens: full to full and a half if a month more moneys is gonna be a thingy here.

How much money will we get in a matter of that time: 100 to 500 that is enough for fifteen weeks

What will we learn: how to make money and how to make ads and stuff.

As for my predictions, well, here’s what I’m thinking. I expect we’ll have a typical power law distribution. One will do well, one will see a little bit of progress, and one just won’t get going. I’d like to get to $100/month by September, but even if we only get to $20 or $30 that’s a start.