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Family on the Move — A family of four. A world of possibilities.

A family of four. A world of possibilities.

We were an ordinary American suburban family living the typical American suburban lifestyle. We were happy enough, but over time we felt more and more like something was missing. We came to realize that we just weren’t going to find what we were looking for without making major changes.

Since we are not independently wealthy, we knew we would still need to earn a living, so we began to explore possibilities of employment in other countries. We relished the idea of experiencing life in a variety of cultures. So, in the last two years we have made the first of what we hope and expect will be a number of moves, broadening our horizons, and offering opportunities for personal growth.

While The Family On The Move does plan to travel this summer, we are also taking on a new challenge. I decided to challenge the two young ladies with learning how to build up and operate Amazon affiliate sites. Better than just sitting around and playing video games all summer, right?

I have some prebuilt niche sites that I bought earlier this year that we will finish setting up and start promoting. I’m sure that we’ll learn a lot, and hopefully even make a buck or two.

I challenged the kids to predict what they expect to happen in this project. Here’s what they said.


How long until we get moneys: I think about half a month to a full month. it just seems reasonable.

How much moneys we will get: I’m estimating that not many people will buy our stuff, so we get around 100-1000 dollars.

What I think we’ll learn: I think we’ll learn how to make niche sites, of course. Maybe also how to advertise.


How long till money happens: full to full and a half if a month more moneys is gonna be a thingy here.

How much money will we get in a matter of that time: 100 to 500 that is enough for fifteen weeks

What will we learn: how to make money and how to make ads and stuff.

As for my predictions, well, here’s what I’m thinking. I expect we’ll have a typical power law distribution. One will do well, one will see a little bit of progress, and one just won’t get going. I’d like to get to $100/month by September, but even if we only get to $20 or $30 that’s a start.

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